i used to taste the sunny tang of summer on my tongue
cruising along shell-glittering shore lines of glass

days spent streaming like sentences
down a face whose expression i can no longer wear

i cracked seashells in hope of pearls
and my charcoal hands were fastened fastly
by hoops i could only assume were facts

the delicacy of chaplets to my chest
i flew farther than i was allowed
on wings of soft fold gold
giving rise to the lady bug clan
composing simple dreams
of solituded longing

when i left the sea at night
i took with me the breath of warm shadows
and ambrosia sands
and the horizon glowing in my mind

and in the phosphorizing twilight
my diving hands found days that
were much closer to eternity
than i could ever be

now i understand that
when i haul the wind
i can hear the white whisper
of the waves again

having found a minute's dance
the last line of this story
finds its own beginning



zeit und eis



night talk into dreams


only in dreams