i sit wrapped up in night
clutching my dream to my body
as if it were a living baby

my eyes closed, i listen
awash with sound
waiting for beethoven to bring sleep
old friends, near misses
and not quite chances
melt and merge into one

some falling angels passing
i count, like sheep
bleating my day-long eyes to sleep
'you'll find me', i say
as i take the hunter's hand
towards a new and different darkness
skimming the flaming flanks of venus
feeling her heat on my weightless bones
bones remembered?
bones imagined?
meatless, once all biology
an echoe now,
like all the other stuff
of unmade dreams
i cross years, galaxies, eras,
spiralling from an undiscovered beginning
to an unmapped end
why should i fear the mystified word,
if you, dream, who were darkness,
now warm my flesh?


zeit und eis


night talk into dreams

the sunny tang of summer