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the ogre

Branch Breaking
the edifice of precipice and beyond

hair and silver coloured rain inside sprinkles of light
translucent negligee in pearl white waterdrops
the caress of soft legs and the dawn it wakes to

night talk into dreams the feel for shape and
the rudiment awakening to the sound of the body

the heartbeat palpitating in the unknown
rhythmic inside the eternal struggle

passing everything we forgive
forgiving everything we pass

reading a poem to pass the time
into Moroccan Red unchartered
cargo ships and a stored passage

a gushing spring of cliches and anti plot
a rolling wave simmering in the obscure
nights in Copenhagen forgetting somethings
blue with desire

the idea of travelling somewhere warmer

outside a cold dark fog and forest
odd stirrings and the occasional
echo in the trees

a branch breaks
and i hear it

or was that a footstep
in this a desert landscape
on top of sand

across everything i remember
forgetting everything i came across



a beautiful sky awaits you

to sing the music of the cinnamon tree
beating inside the rhythm of a pastry

as for the whereabouts of my shovel
and a curbside mountain of snow
of my own - and a poem about colour
laid in crystal dating back to yesterday
with stretched hands
  bound to the present
         and arriving

a voice in the wind
begs the return of narciss
to the river's crescent

offering a reward in return
to see his face again

so i can
go !!!!! and become a castaway

and fly like spinoza
to slip and fall
down the slippery slope
of thought itself ...

and dispense with this final
hallucination called 'reason'


and away on wings of fibrous stone
like metaphors of what is real and
what is meant when something is
alluded to but can never be pointed

to see yourself, looking at yourself
a vague recollection of having been there
but forgetting how it's done

and then dreaming all over again
the sequence in which it follows
as you track your footsteps
back to the beginning

when everything was fire, water
wind and clay

and existence was only for a day



profile - by kes

the light stares into a window
casting shadows on a wall
in the contrast we find awareness
in the elements an open heart
to see again with new eyes
the shining on our faces
for love has spoken and given
itself and made pure again

the rose dances in the sunshine
showing colour to the wind
a scent to the greatness of fragrance
adding beauty in a breath

the tree stands in the vernal morning
unwavering in a soft cool wind
children climb her branches
finding comfort in the leaves

the world a holy playground
in land and ocean and sky
a place to find our connection
to the sacredness in its round

the rain a sounding instrument
its water the source of things
purifying those who drink it
giving happiness in the quenching
giving birth to a future

the moon grows in the twilight
the stars hold visions in blue transparent
where thoughts aspire for the heavens

each of us a mirror to what we hold as dear
each of us a gift wrapped in bows and coloured paper

the dawn an inspired awakening
the mid-day sun a towering strength
the afternoon found sleeping
our heads laid upon the grass

to be born again ourselves
to live and dream
to watch and listen carefully
to all the words we say

at times we forget
and become swallowed by ourselves
finding forgiveness in our sorrow
finding love in simple ways

dreams lucid in our happiness
of things to show us bliss
changing in the climate
finding ourselves again

and we grow to become better
at perceiving the divine and finding
in its mercy the joy of endless time

we capture images in our thoughts
that lead us to our heart
we share our stories so we don't feel so alone

we remember and forget as a process to find meaning
we hold court and place bets to insure our disbelieving
we suspend in dimensions and shape a world to come
we allow ourselves the time to be at peace with everyone
for time is the greatest of healings

we battle naked in a teardrop all of our mistakes
we create a universe of paradox to keep us interested

we speak and act in mercy
for the pleasure of another's company
and we marry to celebrate our love

we give ourselves to people
and share our knowledge of kind
we understand all of our approvals
as objects we borrow and find though
we delude ourselves endlessly
to fill the space of time

we learn from all our teachers
to sing our heart of songs
we strive for ideals to keep us company

on wings of a feathered morning
we make history in the telling
and set examples for remembering

and often we are fools and fall greatly
to scrape and bruise our knees
but we stand to try again

we ask forgiveness of ourselves
to accept our suffering
to not be angry with the world
and to heal from our afflictions

we love because this is what we do
as we try to do the good
so that the good is to be done

and none of us are perfect in the beautiful opaque
though the stars seem without fault
in our dreams and thoughts to make