it is still us

as if not in the distance
between you and me
speech was so wan that
not even silence pursued me

as if i could still hold
this small grey flag
rilled with love

as if this, that receeds
would come near to us
again and you
would give birth to yourself
as i do day for day
you, the sound of a word
i cannot say

as if you could hold me
without breaking

as if i was not
the dark shadow of your
dream, the seam
in your clearness

as if not a hand had
gathered up my dance
and torn apart
the drum of words within
so many words
that i never meant to speak
for you

as if my white skin
was not hanging on a line
for you to take down
and wrap your ideas inside

as if we could speak
through the silence
that stands over us

as if you would not hear
this screamed NO
silently erupting
in my fiery skull

as if it was
still us

as if